Windows can be a big part of your home’s overall energy efficiency profile. A single pane window loses significantly more heat than a double pane, and even a double pane loses more than necessary. Especially here in Alaska, where the winters are long and cold, it is important to take measures to increase the efficiency of your home. Not only is it helpful for the environment, but it saves you money!

According to Energy Star a qualified window will save you approximately $460 annually compared to a single pane window and $57 annually compared to a double pane or clear glass window. Making your home more energy efficient not only saves you money, but it keeps your home cozier with less fluctuation in temperature as your heat kicks on and off. This is also beneficial for houseplants that need window light but are susceptible to the cold of a poorly insulated window.

Energy efficient windows have a myriad of other benefits besides saving money that might not come to mind immediately. One of these benefits is the reduction of UV rays coming from the sun that can damage items in your home such as rugs, furniture, or flooring. Energy efficient windows block out 98% of these harmful rays making items in your home stay looking new longer. They also help block out noise from outside your home if you live in a more urban setting. Road noise and the railroad can be loud and disturb the peace in your home, but it doesn’t have to with proper windows.

Making your windows more efficient will help in two other small ways. They reduce the amount of condensation on the inside of your windows that can lead to mold if left unattended. This means less cleaning and maintenance on your windows and a cleaner home for you and your family. Last but not least, requiring less heat in your home will lengthen the life of your heating system which is extremely inconvenient if it goes out in the winter and can be expensive to fix or replace if it does go out.

There are lots of reasons to choose from when deciding to upgrade your home to more energy efficient windows and we are here to help walk you through them. Don’t hesitate to contact your glass experts here at Stevens Glass to talk about options for better windows in your home at (907) 745-1600.