If the windshield on your car needs to be replaced, the odds are that it came about in an unexpected way. It could be from a rock off of a semi, an animal crossing the road, or a myriad of other things but it definitely wasn’t planned. Naturally, you’ll want to get it fixed as quickly as possible so you can continue with your life uninterrupted.

We have good news for you! Getting your windshield replaced or fixing a chip doesn’t have to be a major inconvenience in your life. The work itself should only take 30-60 minutes for the replacement from the time of your appointment. We do recommend that for a windshield replacement the glass sets for another 30-60 minutes before driving to ensure the windshield is properly secured. We do our best to make sure that you get the fastest service without compromising the quality that you expect from your local glass experts.

You might be wondering, “What if my windshield is broken to the point where I can’t drive it to the shop?” Well don’t worry, we have an easy option for you too! Our mobile service technicians can come to you and bring all the tools necessary to give you the same quality you’d get at the shop right at home. We’ll remove the broken glass and make sure no mess if left behind so you’re just left with a brand new windshield. This service is weather dependent but if the weather is bad we can always pick up your vehicle and return it with the windshield replaced.

Your local glass experts here at Stevens Glass will work with you to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you. So give us a call today at (907) 745-1600 and find out what we can do for you.