When interior design is mentioned, your mind might go to couches, tables, or art. The things you put inside of your space do have a large effect on it. However, there is much more to interior design that just the things inside the space. The space itself has a lot to do with design as well. The way a room is designed can influence you in many ways, consciously or not. There are lots of factors that go into how a room is designed. How is the furniture arranged? What colors are used? How much light is there and is it natural light? The answers to these questions matter whether it’s a home, storefront, or an office space. Potentially even more if it’s an office space. Who wants to spend 40 hours a week in a room that’s poorly lit or uninviting?

The National Institute of Mental Health did a study to see how the overall appearance of a workplace affected the employees. They found that employees of offices that had solid partitions, cramped spaces, and a lack of windows causing dim lighting had a higher pulse, more stress, and overall worse moods than those in well lit, better designed spaces. Extra stress can have very detrimental effects on a person. Especially if it’s a workplace where everyone is more stressed than they need to be.

The same concept applies to the home. It should be a place that is inviting and makes you and your guests feel relaxed. Natural light and space are important subconscious factors that have an impact on people’s mood. Unfortunately they are also one of the harder things to add to a room that is lacking in them. One option is to add a large mirror on a wall to give the appearance of more space and add depth with wall hangings. Another is to find out if the room can have a window added to an out facing wall or add a skylight in the ceiling above.

There are a lot of options here to consider when making changes to your interior design without even touching on furniture and color. That’s why we’re here for you. As your local glass experts we have lots of experience with all of these options for commercial and residential design. We are able to help you lower employee stress in the office with glass office partitions, doorways, or storefront windows. If you’re looking to make changes to your home we offer help with new windows, skylights, sliding glass doors and much more. Most importantly our quotes are always free and we have lots of ideas. So give us a call at (907) 745-1600 and let’s talk about how we can improve your interior design.