Driving around Alaska, it’s hard to even count the number of cars that have cracked or chipped windshields. It almost becomes such a norm that you stop recognizing it. Like living near a railroad track where the sound slowly fades into your subconscious the longer you live there.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way, nor should it. A cracked windshield can weaken the overall structure of your car and in the event of a roll-over on these icy roads it can be quite dangerous. Not to mention it can hamper your field of vision while driving which is something you want to avoid. Luckily there’s a way to fix this problem without having to pay in full for it.

Most comprehensive insurance plans will cover glass repair or replacement! Many even have no deductible if it is just a repair and not a full replacement. If it is a full replacement the deductible should be less than the full price of the windshield repair. Take advantage of these discounts available to you through your insurance and save money while making your car safer.

You might be worried that filing an insurance claim will raise your premiums and cost you money in the long run, but don’t fret. This kind of claim falls under your comprehensive portion of your insurance and therefore aren’t considered your fault so they don’t increase your monthly payments! It is always good to check with your specific plan to find out how much they will cover and what your deductible is because plans can vary from company to company, but the odds are, a clear windshield can be yours at little cost to you.

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