Here in Alaska, there are two things you can always count on. The weather is going to be temperamental and at some point you’re going to have to drive in it. In winter it’s going to be snowy and icy and the darkness isn’t going to help. In the summer you’re never surprised if it’s raining. Spring and Autumn can bring you a bit of both, it’s anyone’s guess what tomorrow will look like. Everyone has their method for dealing with these elements in their car. You might use studded tires, Blizzaks, HID headlights, or high quality windshield wipers. There is one other option that most people don’t know about that can really help with driving in all seasons. Enduroshield (Aquapel) Glass Treatment.

Enduroshield (Aquapel) is a treatment that was created for the aviation industry to repel water from glass. Most commonly used on windshields, it creates a chemical bond that sheds and repels water. This process makes it far superior from products that coat the glass in effectiveness and lifespan. Making it last up to six times longer than other products! It helps improve safety while driving in multiple ways. It repels rain from your windshield as well as ice, snow, dirt, and bugs. Making it help a great year round solution to a dirty windshield. Enduroshield also greatly reduces glare on your windshield, especially at night. Considering how short our days are in the winter this makes it even more helpful in Alaska. Safety while driving is extremely important. Especially here in Alaska where the weather conditions can be so severe. Enduroshield is a great addition to any car, personal or commercial. Especially if you have new drivers in your household.

Here at Stevens Glass, we are experts in the application of Enduroshield Glass Treatment. We can make sure that Enduroshield is applied properly so that you can benefit from its repellent properties for as long as possible. Allowing you to see clearly and drive safely after an application time of less than 10 minutes. Your local glass experts here at Stevens Glass will make sure you get the best possible service and application of the product. So give us a call today at (907) 745-1600 and start driving safer.