Mirrors are making a comeback in the world of interior design and no room is excluded! Bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces galore! We try to never miss an opportunity to place a mirror where it is begging to be placed. You never know what visual artistry you may find by opening your mind to a mirror in your design.

Arched mirrors are popping back up in stores and that is due to the rising request for them. These are a great addition to a room that is has angular space. The softness that comes with the roundness of the arch can make any room that is filled with sharp edges, warm and welcoming to all.

Have you been antiquing lately? Antique mirrors that tend to have an oval or circular shape are perfect for small spaces that need a pop of dimension and glam. Think of the walk-in closet that has no windows – added dimension. Have a small wall space between a curtain and a corner – now it looks not so dark, especially if there is a bedside table near that boasts a decorative lamp.

Free-standing and oversized mirrors are worth their weight in design features. Prop them up against a wall and the illusion of more space is created. Place these beautiful pieces in hallways or corners and light will reflect instead of darkness sitting there drawing the walls in. When the light hits them just right you will have a room that is larger than life without any renovations needed.

Daring to be bold? Create a wall of mirrors! Whether you bite the bulletin and get mirror panels that reach floor to ceiling, use lots of small identical mirrors to create the mirrored wall, or just leaning a few large mirrors together on a wall, you will have a place that begs to be talked about! The room will be brighter, seem larger, and you definitely be on trend without the hassle or time of dealing with tearing down walls to do the same thing!

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