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windshield replacement time

How Long Does A Windshield Replacement Take?

If the windshield on your car needs to be replaced, the odds are that it came about in an unexpected way. It could be from a rock off of a semi, an animal crossing the road, or a myriad of other things but it definitely wasn’t planned. Naturally, you’ll want to get it fixed as…

Questions and Information for Residential Work

When someone is coming to work on your house for any reason, it’s ideal for the homeowner to know how long the work will take so you can schedule your day accordingly. We know you all have busy lives and we want to do our best to make any work done by us comes at…

Insurance covered windshield

Does Insurance Cover Windshields?

Driving around Alaska, it’s hard to even count the number of cars that have cracked or chipped windshields. It almost becomes such a norm that you stop recognizing it. Like living near a railroad track where the sound slowly fades into your subconscious the longer you live there. However, it doesn’t have to be this…